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Medicare Denials for Glasses

Medicare Denials for Glasses after Cataract Surgery

By Amanda Kissinger, Billing Services Group Manager Medicare Denials Medicare denials are perplexing. And frustrating. One small detail missed—and a service won’t be covered. Particularly frustrating are Medicare denials for glasses after cataract surgery—even though you are credentialed with Medicare. What’s ...
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Improve Your AR with Electronic Payments

Improve Your AR with Electronic Payments

Mail Delivery is Sluggish Blame it on the Covid pandemic or the politicization of the system, but the United States Postal Service’s delivery rate bottomed out at 62 percent—the lowest in years. It rebounded a bit by March of 2021 ...
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The Hidden Complexities of Credentialing New Doctors

The Hidden Complexities of Credentialing a New Doctor

By Christine Schneider, VP of Operations Credentialing seems simple. But even practices that pride themselves in being on top of credentialing can find themselves floundering with one small oversight. One area practices often get tangled up in is credentialing a ...
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ABN Update

Details on the 2021 ABN Update

By Melissa Jacobson, Director of Insurance Billing Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage (ABN) Form In January 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revised the Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage (ABN) Form. The ABN Form CMS-R-131 is issued ...
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New Evaluation and Optometry Coding Changes for 2021

By Casey Squicquero, Billing Support Group Manager, RevCycle Partners The new year always brings new coding guidelines. Here are a few coding changes for 2021. Rather than using history, examination, medical decision-making and time to determine the level of E/M ...
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6 Vexing Insurance Billing Questions for Eye Care Practices

By Christine Schneider, VP of Operations If you’re an insurance biller for an optometry practice, you’re a master problem solver. Each patient is unique, their needs and their coverage. But even the most experienced billers run into vexing billing questions ...
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Embracing Outsourcing as a Strategy

Is it time to rethink your strategy now that you are reopened? When it comes to outsourcing your optometry office’s functions, it’s natural to look only at the direct costs. You analyze your in-house staff wages. And then compare them ...
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advances in improving your AR

Advances in Improving Your AR

How we are changing our aging claims process to fight your insurance battles. by Melissa Jacobson, Operations Manager of RevCycle Partners Transparency translates to accountability. And accountability translates to better service. That is why we are improving our aging claims ...
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Medicare Advance loan

How to Account for a Medicare Pre-Payment

by: Christine Schneider, Vice President Do you have questions about how to account for a Medicare pre-payment? Read below for some helpful tips. Create a Medicare Invoice The best way to account for the Medicare pre-payment in RevolutionEHR is to ...
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Update on Medicare Reimbursements for Telemedicine Visits

What You Need to Know about the Recent Changes by: Christine Schneider, Vice President In these unprecedented and difficult times, we want to help you as you navigate the changes on Medicare reimbursements for telemedicine visits. Click on the link ...
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Avoid Billing Detours for Co-Managing Cataract Care

Avoid Billing Detours for Co-Managing Cataract Care

3 Essentials for proper insurance billing. by: Melissa Jacobson, Operations Manager Co-managing cataract care with ophthalmologists is one way you can provide continuity of care to patients before and after surgery. But the logistics of transfer of care can be ...
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2 ODs Share Their Struggles with Benefits and Eligibility Verification

2 ODs Share Their Struggles with Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Why you need a system to improve AR and patient care. Gather a group of optometrists to talk about the challenges of operating an eye care practice, and their struggles with eligibility benefits  verification will likely crop up. Docs know ...
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Outsourcing Your Credentialing

Growing Practice. Growing Pains.

A case study about the benefits of outsourcing your credentialing. By Jon Kettner The Pain: A large optometry practice—with multiple locations, more than 20 providers, and spanning two states—was growing faster than its half-day credentialing specialist could keep up with ...
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Changes to Medicare in 2020

What you need to know about member IDs, deductibles, and Medigap plans. by Christine Schneider Billing Medicare can be dizzying work because of the multiple updates to policies from year to year, and sometimes even from month to month. In ...
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Cross Your Credentialing T’s and I’s

Make note of these important changes to credentialing for 2020. By Jon Kettner For many optometry practices, the new year is a time when practices ask, “What are my growth goals?” Growth, of course, is tied to healthy revenue cycle ...
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coordinating benefits

Coordinating Benefits for Your Eye Care Practice – 3 Easy Steps

For a better practice – and better patient care. by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Coordinating benefits is complicated. Optometrists have to deal with coordinating medical and VSP benefits. Here are a few guidelines for coordinating benefits for your ...
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Billing Medicare and Medicaid

A start-to-finish process. by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Billing Medicare and Medicaid can be a messy process. If not handled correctly, it can affect payment and even patients—who might be billed more than expected. There are multiple pain ...
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Outsourcing to Improve the Cash Flow of Your Practice

Questions to ask to determine if it will benefit your eye care practice. In “The Review of Optometric Business,” Peter J. Cass, OD claims that you could improve the cash flow of your practice by outsourcing your billing. But will ...
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Want a More Efficient Eye Care Practice?

Tips to cut time spent on administrative work and insurance obstacles. Staying on top of administrative tasks and insurance billing is key to making a more efficient eye care practice. And that means you’ll likely more profitable. There are a ...
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release a patient from your optometric care

How to Release a Patient from Your Optometric Care

8 tips to ensure you are protected from liability. If you’re wondering how to release a patient from your optometric care, you’re not alone. It is a weighty decision. And it should be handled with extreme care. As the AOA’s ...
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Do You Have Time to Be Present with Your Patients?

An essayist discusses the challenge of making more time for face-to-face interaction in a tech era. Staying on top of your optometry practice’s details–whether filling out electronic records or tending to details related to insurance billing and credentialing–has a way ...
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Paying attention to the details can increase your bottom line.

6 Optometry Practice Billing Mistakes

Paying attention to the details can increase your bottom line. by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Insurance billing is all about the details. Optometry practice billing mistakes can lead to a time-crushing, cash-sucking mistake. All billers—even the best of ...
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pay up front policy for eye care practices

Don’t Wait to Get Paid

How a “Pay Up Front Policy” Can Benefit Your Eye Care Practice by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Do you have a pay-up-front policy? Or do you wait until you receive your patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB)? You might ...
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Take the Pain Out of Credentialing

Take the Pain Out of Credentialing

How Eye Care Professionals Benefit from CAQH No doubt you are aware of CAQH (the Council For Affordable Quality Healthcare). But here is what you need to know about CAQH. It is the go-to data bank for storing health care ...
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