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RevCycle Testimonials

Have you ever wondered if outsourcing your insurance billing to RevCycle Partners would be the right decision for your practice? Below are first-hand stories of what our clients experienced when they let us fight their insurance billing battles for them.


“We have multiple locations, which means there are many claims going out the door on a daily basis. RevCycle Partners is efficient and ensures clean billing. Anytime I've had an issue they are quick to resolve it. We love it!”Melissa Haight, Harrel Eyecare
“We use RevCycle and have had great success. They are quick to get claims filed and do a great job working our aging. We have a good relationship with our RevCycle Partners representative. She lets us know if we are leaving off anything, like diagnosis codes, and always answers any questions we may have.”Jennifer Carter, Optometrist, West Georgia Eye Care
“We absolutely love our RevCycle Partners representative. She scrubs our claims, finds errors that we would have never caught. She shows us our mistakes, so we can be better informed next time.”Jolean Dresbach, Sanderson Eye Clinic
“We could not be happier with RevCycle Partners. Our biller doesn't miss a thing. We were leary after a horrible experience with another billing company, but we are thrilled with RevCycle Partners!”Katy Baldry, Office Manager, Sanderson Eye Clinic
“My main billing person loves RevCycle Partners. Our AR is under good control. They are less expensive than another billing employee.”David Wolf, Optometrist, Lake Oswego Vision Clinic
“It’s been a real lifesaver using RevCycle Partners the past few years. Your crew has done a terrific job, and I have recommended your services to anyone who has asked (and several who have not!). Kelly has been great to work with and very patient.”Jean Wrightnour, O.D., Inc.


Learn how
RevCycle Partners
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Learn how RevCycle Partners can fight your BILLING BATTLES.
How many times and for how long will RevCycle Partners attempt to get a claim paid?

RevCycle Partners will exhaust all avenues available to get a claim paid. Including filing appeals.

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