E&B Verification for Optometry Practices


Confirm patient benefits before their visit with our Eligibility and Benefits Verification Service

Many eye care practices dabble in eligibility and benefits verification, but the process is often incomplete. In a hard-to-hire environment and with busy staff, patient benefits verification may not even get done.

WeVerify is a service that provides comprehensive eligibility and benefits verification for optometry practices—two days before a patient visit. And it covers both Medical and Vision payers.

Eligibility and benefits verification is advantageous to both patients and practices. Practices can collect the proper amount due at the time of service so there are no billing surprises down the road. When the bill arrives, everything matches the patient’s expectations. That only enhances the patient experience.

Verification also provides the practice with information about unknown patient’s benefits, like a vision rider inside of a medical benefit or a vision plan that a patient may not have been aware of.

This complete picture will strengthen your relationship with each patient—and generate new revenue opportunities for your practice.

WeVerify’s comprehensive eligibility and benefits verification for optometry practices:

• Covers both Medical and Vision Payers;
• Gathers the necessary insurance benefit data for each patient two days prior to the office visit;
• Delivers detailed benefits information that is visible to you and your staff inside your PMS;
• Includes the verification of patient eligibility, deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance;
• Provides your staff with a clear picture of unused benefits;
• Identifies benefits and plans unknown to the patient, such as vision riders, inside their other insurance plan; and
• Provides data for coordination of benefits.

E&B Verification to Help Grow Your Practice

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Fast Facts: Eligibility and benefits verification that confirms patient benefits before their visit.


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What is the contract length?

There is no long-term commitment. You may cancel at any time. We ask for a 60-day termination notice so we can properly wind down the account and reallocate our resources.

Do you obtain benefits for same-day appointments or walk-ins?

We do not. We guarantee the schedule two days ahead of the visit. Any new appointment that falls within that 48-hour window would be the office’s responsibility.

Do you obtain benefits for out-of-network insurances?

While we can and do obtain benefits for out-of-network Medical plans, we are not able to obtain benefits for out-of-network Vision plans. On the Vision side, it is becoming harder to obtain benefits for OON payers. Many payers, like VSP, are directing users to have their patients contact the payer directly or send claims in for out-of-network services.

Will remaining deductible amounts be verified?

Yes, WeVerify will obtain the deductible and remaining deductible amounts.

How do you ensure the accuracy of what a patient owes towards his/her deductible?

The deductible is tallied based on who gets to the insurance first and applied in that order. We are given information based on the date and time asked. Things can be processed after and in-between. Offices that know their fee schedules can collect most accurately.

Do you pull authorizations for VSP? What about medical documents?

Yes, WeVerify will obtain authorizations from Vision Plans and upload them into the PMS for office use. WeVerify does not upload Medical documents into the PMS.

Can we choose which patients you verify, or can we pick which insurances are verified?

The service was built to provide all benefits for all of a patient’s plans. We feel the value of our service is allowing you the opportunity to utilize the benefits to the fullest. That said, if you have specific needs or concerns, we can schedule a conversation to determine whether a custom design would be favorable.

Does WeVerify obtain medical referrals?

We do not obtain Medical referrals. If a Medical referral is required, WeVerify would notify the office that one is needed, and the office is responsible for obtaining it.

Would WeVerify check benefits for a cataract post-op?

We do not check benefits for cataract post-ops. We do not check benefits for any post-op appointments because generally these appointments are following a recent exam and/or referral where the initial benefits are still valid.

Does WeVerify look for insurance benefits if no insurance is listed for the patient?

If there is no insurance listed for the patient on the schedule, WeVerify will look for any family links for the patient to see if there is an insurance we can try to verify for Medical. For Vision payers, WeVerify will attempt to search for plan benefits by using the patient name and DOB.

Are we charged for verifications that fail because of missing information?

Yes. If WeVerify attempts a verification and is unsuccessful in obtaining information, we will charge for the verification because we took the time and resources to try and verify the benefits.

Does WeVerify write back into my EMR software?

Yes. WeVerify will store the benefit details we obtain in standard templates inside of the practice management system.

Testimonial 022

WeVerify will be like Recall. Every practice will need it.
Dr. BrandonWeVerify User

Testimonial 021

RevCycle has been great to work with for our billing, credentialing, and eligibility verification. They made my job so much easier over the years.
Sarah TurnerPrimary EyeCare Centers

Testimonial 016

Best decision we ever made. It’s not cheap but it’s consistent and saves you headaches of hiring, training, benefits, etc.
Dr. Makenzie ElliottElliott Eye Doctors

Testimonial 011

Thanks a million times for your compassionate handling of your customers through the COVID pandemic. RevCycle billing services just about saved my life in February-March and the WeVerify service has proven extremely useful.
Jen Heller, Business ManagerPend Oreille Vision Care

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RevCycle has been a valuable partner to our practice.
Dr. Scott BraseIsland Family Optical

Eligibility and Benefits Verification for Optometry

RevCycle Partners provides eligibility and benefits verification for optometry.

Do you need a clear picture of your patients’ eligibility and benefits before their visit so you can better serve your patient and minimize billing headaches?