Time to Revalidate Your Medicare Enrollment!

Time to Revalidate Your Medicare Enrollment!

It’s time to revalidate your Medicare enrollment

By Dave Kegel, Manager of Credentialing

Two years ago, during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enacted a waiver that allowed new, non-certified Part B suppliers, physicians, and non-physician practitioners to obtain temporary Medicare billing privileges.

CMS also temporarily waived the associated application fee, criminal background checks, and site visit requirements. All Medicare revalidation actions were postponed.

But time is up! And you need to revalidate your Medicare enrollment.

All COVID exceptions have expired and revalidations need to be completed ASAP so your Medicare enrollment is not deactivated—and you continue to get paid by Medicare. If you missed your revalidation due date, during the two-year suspension, you need to revalidate now.

You can access the updated Medicare Revalidation Tool, which has been updated to display an adjusted revalidation due date in addition to the provider’s/supplier’s original revalidation due date (pre-PHE).

Once you revalidate your Medicare enrollment, you will resume your normal revalidation due date schedule for any subsequent Medicare revalidation cycles.


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