Update on Medicare Reimbursements for Telemedicine Visits

Update on Medicare Reimbursements for Telemedicine Visits


By Christine Schneider, Vice President

In these unprecedented and difficult times, we want to help you as you navigate the changes on Medicare reimbursements for telemedicine visits. Click on the link below for the latest in Medicare’s reimbursement for telemedicine visits while we are faced with national emergency due to Covid-19.

The Trump Administration just announced expanded Medicare telemedicine (non-face to face visits) coverage that will enable beneficiaries to receive a wider range of healthcare services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility. Beginning on March 6, 2020, Medicare—administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) — will temporarily pay clinicians to provide telemedicine services for beneficiaries residing across the entire country.

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