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How to deepen your bench through outsourcing your RCM

How to Deepen Your Bench Through Outsourcing Your Insurance Billing

Does it seem that just when your practice is humming along smoothly you get a staff resignation? Is it difficult to retain insurance billing talent in a hard-to-hire environment? Are you growing faster than you can staff?

There are numerous reasons why you might consider outsourcing your insurance billing.

And you know that who you add to your practice’s billing team makes a significant difference in the financial health of your practice.

You need a deep bench. You need a team singularly focused on insurance billing.

Our large team of US-based eyecare insurance billers are ready to strengthen your team. They are at the top of their game, providing support to hundreds of optometry practices nationwide. Each biller brings with them years of eyecare billing experience plus grit and determination to get claims paid.

All this translates to relief. Relief that comes from receivables being collected on time. Relief that comes from no longer having to hire and train new employees. Relief that comes from better cash flow. Relief that comes from practice efficiency.

We support all major optometry PMS/EHR software and clearinghouses, so we are ready to become part of your team today.

Outsource your insurance billing tasks to RevCycle Partners. Experience the confidence of a deep bench. With our insurance billing service, we do what’s right for you. So you can do what’s right for the patient: provide exceptional patient care.

Are You Wondering if Outsourcing is Right for Your Practice?

There are a lot of questions to consider before making the decision to outsource. Is it worth the effort? Does it make financial sense?

Download this guide for insights on the value of outsourcing.

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Does RevCycle Partners review claims prior to submission?

RevCycle will scrub claims prior to submission. Some examples of things your biller will look at: adding necessary modifiers, diagnosis for medical necessity based on service code and payer, and cataract co-manage claims for surgeon information and billing details.

How does RevCycle Partners handle transfers?

RevCycle will transfer necessary patient responsibility based on insurance processing: deductibles, co-insurance and copays. RevCycle will provide as much detail as possible using transfer reasons to describe why a transfer was done and why a patient may owe you money.

What if a claim is denied?

If a claim is denied, RevCycle Partners will investigate the denial and take the appropriate action. We will:• Fix the claim and resubmit. RevCycle Partners will file any appeals as needed, as long as we have the documentation to back it up.• Relay the denial back to the office for review/correction. RevCycle Partners will refile the corrected claim.• Drop the denial amount to the patient with a detailed transfer reason.

How many times and for how long will RevCycle Partners attempt to get a claim paid?

RevCycle Partners will exhaust all avenues available to get a claim paid, including filing appeals, chasing denials, and refiling claims.

Will I be required to sign a long-term contract?

With RevCycle Partners there is no long-term commitment. Our service is a month-to-month. You may cancel at any time. We ask for a 60-day termination notice so we can properly wind down the account and reallocate our resources.

Sometimes my staff forgets to add a procedure performed such as a visual field, is this something RevCycle Partners checks for?

No. That is the responsibility of the doctor or office to make sure all services that are performed are coded and applied to an invoice. RevCycle Partners asks that the office verify this as well as make sure that there is a diagnosis on the claim prior to authorizing it. RevCycle Partners will submit corrected claims if something was missed.

Does RevCycle Partners handle patient questions?

There is a relationship between the office and a patient that RevCycle Partners is not familiar with. Our team doesn’t want to risk causing any issues for the office or the patient. If the office has a question about a patient balance, they can send their biller a message and/or call. We are happy to provide further details to help explain why the balance is owed.

I still receive EOBs in the mail. How does RevCycle Partners post those?

For items received in office, we ask that those be scanned to a designated area within your system for review by your biller. This can include EOBs, checks, and requests for records.

Does RevCycle Partners send out patient statements?

Sending patient statements is not included with RevCycle Partners’ billing service. That responsibility remains in-office.

Does RevCycle Partners upload EOBs into my EMR software?

RevCycle Partners does not upload EOBs into the EMR software. EOBs are accessible through the website when needed (or by calling the insurance to resend).

Are there any set-up or cancellation fees for the billing service?

There are not any set-up or cancellation fees for RevCycle Partners’ billing services.

Does RevCycle Partners monitor to see if we are getting paid according to our contracts for maximum reimbursement?

RevCycle Partners does not ensure that max reimbursement was received. Max reimbursement/fee schedules are specific to each practice and their contract with the payer. RevCycle Partners does not have access to the fee schedules. We follow the EOB, and we will pull up previous processing to review the codes/payments if needed.

Do I need a clearinghouse to utilize your billing service? Does RevCycle Partners provide the clearinghouse?

A clearinghouse is required in order for us to provide our Medical Claims Management service to any practice. We are not a clearinghouse, nor do we supply the clearinghouse. Practices will need to be set up with a clearinghouse. That way, if the practice makes any changes to their billing services, nothing changes with their billing/workflow.

How does RevCycle Partners access our EOBs?

During onboarding, RevCycle Partners will request login access to the clearinghouse and any external payer portal websites so that we can retrieve electronic remits accordingly.

How often does RevCycle Partners file claims, post payments, work denials, etc?

Our standard process is to access and work our accounts once daily, Monday-Friday. We will take care of any filing, payment posting, and denial follow-up on a daily basis.

Testimonial 027

With RevCycle, deposits come in quickly and efficiently and I don’t have to worry about it!
Dr. Jennifer KeadyFamily Eyecare of Harney County

Testimonial 026

Our biller is the absolute best, and we love working with her. Hiring RevCycle to handle our billing was one of, if not, the best business decisions I have ever made.
Dr. Katarzyna BabinskiLudlow Eyecare

Testimonial 025

RevCycle takes the headache out of the practice when it comes to insurance billing/filling/refilling. They have increased our receipts because of no delays in billing and loss of payment for timely filing.
Susan Nelson, Office ManagerSt. Anthony Eye Clinic

Testimonial 024

We love our medical biller, she has taken such great care of us. RevCycle is an awesome partner.
Deb JaegerEye Center of the Dakotas

Testimonial 023

We have multiple locations, which means there are many claims going out the door on a daily basis. RevCycle Partners is efficient and ensures clean billing. Anytime I’ve had an issue they are quick to resolve it. We love it!
Melissa HaightHarrel Eyecare

Testimonial 021

RevCycle has been great to work with for our billing, credentialing, and eligibility verification. They made my job so much easier over the years.
Sarah TurnerPrimary EyeCare Centers

Testimonial 020

The best move I’ve made in 21 years of business was to outsource to RevCycle. It would have saved so many cashflow dips if I’d partnered with them the first 12 years.
Dr. Monte HarrelHarrel Eyecare

Testimonial 019

I have been pleased with the years of both billing and credentialing services and will continue to recommend RevCycle Partners.
Dr. Laurence LonkyCortlandt Eye Care

Testimonial 018

Thank you for all that you do to keep our accounts – our insurance A/R has never been lower!
Heidi HipsherNorthland Eyecare

Testimonial 017

Our RevCycle biller is very professional, accurate, fast and is like a terrier getting every claim processed to the maximum benefit. We are happy to have her as part of our team.
Paul LatkaChicopee Eyecare

Testimonial 016

Best decision we ever made. It’s not cheap but it’s consistent and saves you headaches of hiring, training, benefits, etc.
Dr. Makenzie ElliottElliott Eye Doctors

Testimonial 015

We use RevCycle and like it! It’s much less expensive than paying an employee to do the work. They have been very responsive to any concerns which is important when it comes to money!
Dr. Angela BerghoffLoman Eye Care

Testimonial 014

We use RevCycle and have a fabulous specialist assigned to us. We use them for posting of medical claims and working the A/R.
Elaine StewartWhidbey Vision Care

Testimonial 013

I use RevCycle for both medical and vision billing. I learned the hard way and I’ll pay for the peace of mind that my claims are being submitted, and submitted properly and timely.
Dr. Jason KaminskiVision Source Longmont

Testimonial 012

We appreciate the tremendous efforts and payouts by your billing staff. I don’t foresee us wanting to take medical billing back in house any time soon. It has lifted a load!
Talli Vance, Practice AdministratorVance Vision Clinic

Testimonial 011

Thanks a million times for your compassionate handling of your customers through the COVID pandemic. RevCycle billing services just about saved my life in February-March and the WeVerify service has proven extremely useful.
Jen Heller, Business ManagerPend Oreille Vision Care

Testimonial 010

I use RevCycle for medical billing. I have outsourced to at least 3 or 4 different services over the years. When I started with RevCycle my AR was a mess from the prior biller. They have been amazing in cleaning it up.
Dr. Sarah Paikowsky 

Testimonial 009

Our previous biller retired so we decided to outsource our billing to RevCycle and couldn’t be more pleased. Our transition was very smooth and we have not experienced any problems. We appreciate the outstanding service provided by RevCycle.
Lori Dobson, Office ManagerVision Source Mustang

Testimonial 008

RevCycle has been a valuable partner to our practice.
Dr. Scott BraseIsland Family Optical

Testimonial 007

We use RevCycle for vision and medical billing. It has freed up an entire staff person to focus on patient care. They post everyday so it’s been a lifesaver to keep the A/R down.
Dr. Natalie SukontasupFirst Sight Vision Care

Testimonial 006

We have multiple locations, which means there are many claims going out the door on a daily basis. RevCycle Partners is efficient and ensures clean billing. Anytime I’ve had an issue they are quick to resolve it. We love it!
Melissa HaightHarrel Eyecare

Testimonial 005

We use RevCycle and have had great success. They are quick to get claims filed and do a great job working our aging. We have a good relationship with our RevCycle Partners representative. She lets us know if we are leaving off anything, like diagnosis codes, and always answers any questions we may have.
Jennifer Carter, OptometristWest Georgia Eye Care

Testimonial 004

We absolutely love our RevCycle Partners representative. She scrubs our claims, finds errors that we would have never caught. She shows us our mistakes, so we can be better informed next time.
Jolean DresbachSanderson Eye Clinic

Testimonial 003

We could not be happier with RevCycle Partners. Our biller doesn’t miss a thing. We were leary after a horrible experience with another billing company, but we are thrilled with RevCycle Partners!
Katy Baldry, Office ManagerSanderson Eye Clinic

Testimonial 002

My main billing person loves RevCycle Partners. Our AR is under good control. They are less expensive than another billing employee.
David Wolf, OptometristLake Oswego Vision Clinic

Testimonial 001

It’s been a real lifesaver using RevCycle Partners the past few years. Your crew has done a terrific job, and I have recommended your services to anyone who has asked (and several who have not!). Kelly has been great to work with and very patient.
Jean Wrightnour, O.D. 

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