Experience the relief that comes from teaming up with experts ready to take on your most nagging RCM challenges.

Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing for Optometrists

From submitting claims, posting payments, chasing denials and filing appeals—see how we strengthen your team and make your practice more efficient with our insurance billing service.


Credentialing Services for Optometry Practices

Whether you need help with a custom credentialing project or ongoing maintenance, see how our team of experts will support you as your optometry practice grows and changes—as well as when problems arise.


Eligibility & Benefits Verification for Optometry Practices

See how a complete picture of your patients’ insurance eligibility and benefits can strengthen patient relationships, reduce your AR, and generate new revenue opportunities for your practice. Our eligibility and benefits services will help you better serve your patients.

No matter your practice setting, RevCycle Partners can jump in to address your RCM challenges.

Who We Serve

Take a look at the variety of practice settings of our customers, their unique RCM challenges and how RevCycle Partners makes a difference for each.

Is outsourcing your RCM tasks the right choice for your practice? Take our assessment to identify the gaps in your practice’s RCM.

Do You Need to
Deepen Your Bench?

Every successful team has a deep bench. A pool of talented players ready to make a contribution. Our calling is to deepen your bench—to serve your practice with our experienced team of revenue cycle management experts.

No matter which optometry practice management software you use, RevCycle Partners is ready to become part of your team.

Is your staff
stretched too thin?

Are you consistently short staffed?

Are you growing faster than you can staff?

When it’s crunch time, you need a deep bench. Players who can come off the bench and make a difference in the outcome of the game.

When the stakes are high, consider extending your bench with our revenue cycle management services.

Don’t take it from us! Hear what our customers say about adding RevCycle Partners to their bench.

Testimonial 006

We use RevCycle for vision and medical billing. It has freed up an entire staff person to focus on patient care. They post everyday so it’s been a lifesaver to keep the A/R down.

Dr. Natalie Sukontasup

First Sight Vision Care

Testimonial 001

The best move I’ve made in 21 years of business was to outsource to RevCycle. It would have saved so many cashflow dips if I’d partnered with them the first 12 years.

Dr. Monte Harrel

Harrel Eyecare

Testimonial 002

Our RevCycle biller is very professional, accurate, fast and is like a terrier getting every claim processed to the maximum benefit. We are happy to have her as part of our team.
Paul Latka

Chicopee Eyecare

Testimonial 003

I use RevCycle for both medical and vision billing. I learned the hard way and I’ll pay for the peace of mind that my claims are being submitted, and submitted properly and timely.
Dr. Jason Kaminski

Vision Source Longmont

Testimonial 008

We use RevCycle and have had great success. They are quick to get claims filed and do a great job working our aging. We have a good relationship with our RevCycle Partners representative. She lets us know if we are leaving off anything, like diagnosis codes, and always answers any questions we may have.
Jennifer Carter, Optometrist

West Georgia Eye Care

Testimonial 010

We have multiple locations, which means there are many claims going out the door on a daily basis. RevCycle Partners is efficient and ensures clean billing. Anytime I’ve had an issue they are quick to resolve it.
Melissa Haight

Harrel Eyecare

Testimonial 009

I use RevCycle for medical billing. I have outsourced to at least 3 or 4 different services over the years. When I started with RevCycle my AR was a mess from the prior biller. They have been amazing in cleaning it up.

Dr. Sarah Paikowsky

EyesWest Optical

Testimonial 007

We absolutely love our RevCycle Partners representative. She scrubs our claims, finds errors that we would have never caught. She shows us our mistakes, so we can be better informed next time.
Jolean Dresbach

Sanderson Eye Clinic

Testimonial 005

Our previous biller retired so we decided to outsource our billing to RevCycle and couldn’t be more pleased. Our transition was very smooth and we have not experienced any problems. We appreciate the outstanding service provided by RevCycle.
Lori Dobson, Office Manager

Vision Source Mustang

Testimonial 004

Thanks a million times for your compassionate handling of your customers through the COVID pandemic. RevCycle billing services just about saved my life in Feb-March and the WeVerify service has proven extremely useful.

Jen Heller, Business Manager

Pend Oreille Vision Care

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Credentialing Services for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides credentialing services for optometrists.

Do you have credentialing headaches that you are ready to relieve?