Credentialing Services for Optometry Practices


Custom Credentialing Projects for Optometry Practices

You’ve got your credentialing game plan in order. You’re running the plays. But every once in a while, you need your back-up quarterback to step in. That’s the importance of a deep bench.

This is where our custom credentialing services for optometry practices makes the difference in the outcome of the game: an efficient optometry practice.

When your practice undergoes a change, such as adding a new doctor or a new location, your credentialing needs attention. If you don't update your payers, you may stop receiving insurance reimbursements.

Our US-based team of credentialing experts will support you as your practice grows and changes - as well as when problems arise. Depending on your credentialing needs, we can take care of credentialing when you:

• Hire a new associate doctor
• Need to support a new payer
• Add a new location
• Acquire a new practice
• Set up a new business entity or NPI
• Receive payer revalidation needs
• Require demographic updates with a payer

Credentialing Maintenance for Optometry Practices

Optometrists accept both medical insurance and vision plans, resulting in more payers and more credentialing. A proactive approach is needed to stay on top of your credentialing.

Our Maintenance Service focuses exclusively on the ongoing demands around your credentialing. We cover all the bases to ensure there are no disruptions to your practice.

RevCycle Partners’ credentialing maintenance includes:

• CAQH management
• Payer revalidations as needed
• Provider directory updates
• Credentialing for one new payer a year
• Notification on state and DEA license renewal deadlines
• Secure repository for all credentialing documents and data
• Quarterly update reports
• 10% discounts on custom credentialing projects

Do You Have a Pressing Credentialing Problem?

Get a quote for a custom credentialing project.

If you’re adding a new doc, opening a new location, acquiring a practice, or credentialing a new payer, your credentialing needs attention. Or maybe you need someone to step in and update your CAQH, NPI, or payer revalidation. We’ll take on whatever you need help with. Sign up for a complimentary, no-obligation quote today. 

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Do you require a contract for your maintenance services offering?

Yes. RevCycle Partners requires a two-year agreement for its ongoing credentialing offering called “Maintenance Services.” The amount of maintenance work required each month can vary dramatically. Spreading the work and cost out over a 2-year contract creates balance for the practice and RevCycle Partners.

What payers do you monitor under your maintenance service?

Payers that require contracting/credentialing are the ones that would be monitored under the Maintenance Service. Many practices also receive payments from life insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, or Third Party Administrators (TPAs), but those do not require contracting/credentialing. Credentialing with the Advantage Plans is included with the main payer, and revalidations would cover the Advantage Plans for the payer.

Can RevCycle Partners advise on which networks are currently open or closed?

Unfortunately, RevCycle Partners cannot advise on which networks are open or closed. Networks can open and close at any time throughout the year. Networks can also be closed in small, very targeted areas. In many cases, the payer won’t indicate that a panel would be closed for a provider unless an application is submitted. In addition, a network may be closed for one provider and not another in the same area.

What is the difference between in and out of network?

In network means the health care provider has contracted with an insurance plan and approved services are paid according to the contracted fee schedule. Out of network means the health care provider is not contracted with an insurance plan, and benefits will generally process under out of network benefits. This usually means higher out of pocket expenses for the patient.

What is CAQH and do I have to use it?

It is the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. Yes, you must have a CAQH profile on file. A majority of the insurance companies use CAQH to confirm information that has been provided to them.

Why do you need my CAQH and PECOS information?

RevCycle Partners will verify and update information as required throughout the credentialing process. Having CAQH and PECOS access reduces paperwork and ensures timely receipt of information.

What happens if the networks are closed and/or request for participation is denied?

Depending on the reason for denial, RevCycle Partners will submit an appeal and/or request participation a second time, 3-6 months later.

Will I be charged if my application is denied?

Yes. RevCycle Partners has verified your information and completed and filed the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We cannot guarantee acceptance. That is solely up to the insurance company to determine.

Once I am credentialed, am I in network for that insurance?

No. For many insurances, being credentialed means you can see patients, but it will pay as out of network.

What is the difference between credentialing and contracted?

Credentialing is the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed medical professionals and assessing their background and legitimacy. Credentialing is required for most insurance companies to be contracted. Contracted means you are an in-network provider and have a signed agreement to accept patients for an agreed fee for service.

Does RevCycle Partners negotiate the fee schedule for me or provide me with a copy of it?

No. All contract negotiations and fee decisions are the responsibility of the practice.

How often will I get an update from you regarding status of my applications?

RevCycle Partners will update information as it’s received from the insurance companies. You can login to your portal account to access any updates noted at any time. RevCycle Partners will provide updates at least once a month.

What happens if the insurance sends me something or reaches out to me directly?

If the insurance reaches out to you or sends you any documentation, it is imperative that you notify a credentialing team member immediately. Failure to forward information from the insurance causes delays. It can also mean having to start the application process over.

How long will credentialing take?

The timeframe all depends on the payer. Some will complete applications in 30 to 60 days. Generally, you should expect the process to take up to 120 days, sometimes longer. We experienced significant delays on payer responses during Covid, and many payers have not caught up yet. Contracting can take an additional 60 days. There are variations in time depending on insurance and reasoning, it can mean shorter and/or longer time frames.

What if I have a part-time doctor?

All doctors expecting to receive reassignment of benefits as a participating provider for claims, must be contracted with the insurance plan, and therefore require credentialing. The amount of time or hours the provider works is not applicable to this requirement.

What if I am already credentialed at another location I work at?

If you are joining a practice within the same state, and you are already participating with payers, demographic updates will take care of linking you to your new practice.If you are joining a practice in a different state, full applications will apply.If you are purchasing or opening a new practice and are establishing a new NPI/Tax ID/company name, brand new credentialing will be required for the EIN, and you may need demographic updates to link yourself to the Group.RevCycle Partners will look to perform the credentialing project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

When can I start the credentialing process?

If you are opening a new practice, or if you are adding a new provider to your practice, the credentialing process can begin 60 days before the practice opens, or 60 days before the new provider starts.If the new hire is a new graduate, they will need their license, insurance, and CAQH set up before the credentialing process can begin.

Testimonial 028

Our credentialing rep was just awesome. Very professional and always on top of our credentialing for our new associate. She made the process very streamlined and super stress free for us as we could trust her to get it done. She checked in regularly and genuinely cared. It was very refreshing to have the experience that we did and can’t say enough how thankful we were to work with her.
Dr. Kyler KnobbeVision Source Wamego / Manhattan

Testimonial 021

RevCycle has been great to work with for our billing, credentialing, and eligibility verification. They made my job so much easier over the years.
Sarah TurnerPrimary EyeCare Centers

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I have been pleased with the years of both billing and credentialing services and will continue to recommend RevCycle Partners.
Dr. Laurence LonkyCortlandt Eye Care

Testimonial 008

RevCycle has been a valuable partner to our practice.
Dr. Scott BraseIsland Family Optical

Credentialing Services for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides credentialing services for optometrists.

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