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RevCycle Partners provides revenue cycle management services for hundreds of eye care practices across the United States. From claims submissions to posting payments to chasing denials to refiling appeals – we do it all. And make it look easy. In addition, we provide credentialing services that make compliance with insurance requirements a snap.

Our expertise helps improve cash flow for your eye care practice, lowers your accounts receivables below industry benchmarks, and eliminates the distraction of tedious office tasks and staff turnover.

We fight for what's fair for both the patient and the docs, so that you can focus on maintaining a positive, ongoing doctor-patient relationship.

RevCycle Partners was founded by Paul Hartge, former COO of RevolutionEHR, and Christine Schneider, who was Director of Billing Services at Rev360. They wake up each morning with a passion to do what’s right for doctors and their patients.

“We absolutely love our RevCycle Partners representative. She scrubs our claims, finds errors that we would have never caught. She shows us our mistakes, so we can be better informed next time.”Jolean Dresbach, Sanderson Eye Clinic

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With RevCycle Partners there is no long-term commitment, there are no set-up or cancellation fees. RevCycle Partners is just a month to month service.

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