Why Should You Outsource Your Credentialing?

Why Should You Outsource Your Credentialing?


Brought to you by Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA), and in partnership with RevCycle Partners, this webinar discusses problems related to credentialing and why you should outsource your credentialing. Listen to the stories of optometrists about the difficulties with credentialing in-house, how credentialing problems can sideline your practice, and the benefits you reap when you outsource your credentialing.

In this webinar, RevCycle Partners presents their credentialing service, WeCredential. WeCredential tailors toward your needs, is flexible for your schedule, and provides easy and transparent access to data. The credentialing process can be tedious and difficult to understand. Most practices waste hours trying to credential in-house. When you outsource your credentialing, you are freeing up your time so that you can see more patients rather than being bogged down by paperwork.


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