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RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

The cloud-based technology will give owners, practice managers, and billers a clear view into their billing operations for the first time. January 2024 CHICAGO, IL – This spring, RevCycle Partners will launch OneSpot, a cloud-based, billing software product for eyecare practices. OneSpot is productivity software that simplifies and organizes complex billing tasks, providing the entire team with a clear view of the insurance side of the business. “OneSpot is based on the enterprise technology...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners Now Supports MaximEyes.com EHR and Practice Management Software

The revenue cycle management company extends its insurance billing support to optometry practices using MaximEyes.com. October 2023 CHICAGO, IL – RevCycle Partners, a leading revenue cycle management (RCM) company, is excited to announce its extended support for MaximEyes.com, a cloud-based eyecare practice EHR and practice management software. MaximEyes.com recently introduced user-friendly updates to its cloud-based product offerings, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency for eyecare...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners Eligibility Verification Service Now Supports OfficeMate

With the expansion to OfficeMate, WeVerify is available to more eyecare practices. August 2023 CHICAGO, IL – WeVerify, RevCycle Partners’ eligibility and verification service, now supports OfficeMate, a leading practice management software solution for eyecare practices. WeVerify is a service that provides practice staff an immediate picture of the benefits available for each patient at least two days before the visit for vision and medical payers. For many eyecare practices, identifying...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

IDOC Selects RevCycle Partners as a Referred Vendor

Partnership supports IDOC’s objectives of helping independent optometry practices grow and succeed. January 2023 CHICAGO, IL – IDOC has selected RevCycle Partners as a referred revenue cycle management vendor. IDOC is a service-focused, business development consultancy for independent optometry practices. RevCycle Partners is one of the largest revenue cycle management (RCM) companies serving eyecare practices in the optometry industry. As an IDOC partner, RevCycle Partners will extend IDOC’s...

Testimonial 028

Testimonial 028

Our credentialing rep was just awesome. Very professional and always on top of our credentialing for our new associate. She made the process very streamlined and super stress free for us as we could trust her to get it done. She checked in regularly and genuinely cared. It was very refreshing to have the experience that we did and can’t say enough how thankful we were to work with her. Dr. Kyler KnobbeVision Source Wamego / Manhattan

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

Kids Vision for Life St. Louis Selects RevCycle Partners as Its Provider for Insurance Billing and Credentialing Services

RevCycle Partners will assist the Missouri nonprofit as it serves the community’s underserved youth.    December 15, 2022 CHICAGO, IL – Kids Vision for Life St. Louis recently selected RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company, to help manage its Medicaid billing claims and credential its optometrists. The nonprofit provides no-cost vision services to underserved students in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Through its insurance billing and credentialing services, RevCycle Partners...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

Former RevolutionEHR Co-Founder and CTO Jim Schneider Joins RevCycle Partners

As the new CTO, Schneider will lead the development of the technology infrastructure to support the company’s U.S.-based revenue cycle management team. September 12, 2022 CHICAGO, IL – Former RevolutionEHR Co-Founder and CTO Jim Schneider has joined RevCycle Partners as Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, Schneider will lead the design and build out of a comprehensive RCM Portal to support RevCycle Partners’ rapidly growing team of insurance billers, eligibility and benefits team members, and...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Recognized as a Most Influential Woman in Optical

Vision Monday celebrates Christine Schneider as a female executive who has shaped the eyecare industry. August 23, 2022 CHICAGO, IL – Vision Monday recently named its 2022 Most Influential Women in Optical, and Christine Schneider, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of RevCycle Partners, made the list. For twenty years, Vision Monday, the optometry industry's leading source of news and news analysis, has recognized those women who have made a positive difference in the field of optometry....

Testimonial 028

Testimonial 021

RevCycle has been great to work with for our billing, credentialing, and eligibility verification. They made my job so much easier over the years. Sarah TurnerPrimary EyeCare Centers

Testimonial 028

Testimonial 019

I have been pleased with the years of both billing and credentialing services and will continue to recommend RevCycle Partners. Dr. Laurence LonkyCortlandt Eye Care

Do you require a contract for your maintenance services offering?

Yes. RevCycle Partners requires a two-year agreement for its ongoing credentialing offering called "Maintenance Services." The amount of maintenance work required each month can vary dramatically. Spreading the work and cost out over a 2-year contract creates balance for the practice and RevCycle Partners.

What payers do you monitor under your maintenance service?

Payers that require contracting/credentialing are the ones that would be monitored under the Maintenance Service. Many practices also receive payments from life insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, or Third Party Administrators (TPAs), but those do not require contracting/credentialing. Credentialing with the Advantage Plans is included with the main payer, and revalidations would cover the Advantage Plans for the payer.

Can RevCycle Partners advise on which networks are currently open or closed?

Unfortunately, RevCycle Partners cannot advise on which networks are open or closed. Networks can open and close at any time throughout the year. Networks can also be closed in small, very targeted areas. In many cases, the payer won’t indicate that a panel would be closed for a provider unless an application is submitted. In addition, a network may be closed for one provider and not another in the same area.

What is the difference between in and out of network?

In network means the health care provider has contracted with an insurance plan and approved services are paid according to the contracted fee schedule. Out of network means the health care provider is not contracted with an insurance plan, and benefits will generally process under out of network benefits. This usually means higher out of pocket expenses for the patient.

What is CAQH and do I have to use it?

It is the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. Yes, you must have a CAQH profile on file. A majority of the insurance companies use CAQH to confirm information that has been provided to them.

Why do you need my CAQH and PECOS information?

RevCycle Partners will verify and update information as required throughout the credentialing process. Having CAQH and PECOS access reduces paperwork and ensures timely receipt of information.

Will I be charged if my application is denied?

Yes. RevCycle Partners has verified your information and completed and filed the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We cannot guarantee acceptance. That is solely up to the insurance company to determine.

What is the difference between credentialing and contracted?

Credentialing is the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed medical professionals and assessing their background and legitimacy. Credentialing is required for most insurance companies to be contracted. Contracted means you are an in-network provider and have a signed agreement to accept patients for an agreed fee for service.

How long will credentialing take?

The timeframe all depends on the payer. Some will complete applications in 30 to 60 days. Generally, you should expect the process to take up to 120 days, sometimes longer. We experienced significant delays on payer responses during Covid, and many payers have not caught up yet. Contracting can take an additional 60 days. There are variations in time depending on insurance and reasoning, it can mean shorter and/or longer time frames.

What if I have a part-time doctor?

All doctors expecting to receive reassignment of benefits as a participating provider for claims, must be contracted with the insurance plan, and therefore require credentialing. The amount of time or hours the provider works is not applicable to this requirement.

What if I am already credentialed at another location I work at?

If you are joining a practice within the same state, and you are already participating with payers, demographic updates will take care of linking you to your new practice.If you are joining a practice in a different state, full applications will apply.If you are purchasing or opening a new practice and are establishing a new NPI/Tax ID/company name, brand new credentialing will be required for the EIN, and you may need demographic updates to link yourself to the Group.RevCycle Partners will...

When can I start the credentialing process?

If you are opening a new practice, or if you are adding a new provider to your practice, the credentialing process can begin 60 days before the practice opens, or 60 days before the new provider starts.If the new hire is a new graduate, they will need their license, insurance, and CAQH set up before the credentialing process can begin.

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners Becomes a Preferred Vendor Partner of PECAA

The partnership strengthens both organizations’ mission to help optometry practices thrive in today’s competitive environment. April 21, 2019 CHICAGO, IL – RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company serving eyecare practices, has become a preferred vendor partner of Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA), one of the premier doctor alliance groups in the U.S. The sponsorship enables RevCycle Partners to provide its expertise in insurance billing and credentialing to...

RevCycle Partners to Launch Insurance Billing Software for Eyecare Practices

RevCycle Partners Launches Two New Credentialing Services for Eyecare Practices

Seasoned optometry revenue cycle management team offers tailor-made credentialing services nationwide. January 28, 2019 CHICAGO, IL -- RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company for eyecare practices, recently launched WeCredential, a service for optometrists who seek to outsource their credentialing tasks. WeCredential has two offerings, the first is Managed Services, which focuses exclusively on the ongoing maintenance demands of credentialing. The second, On-Demand, helps...


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