RevCycle Partners Launches Two New Credentialing Services for Eyecare Practices

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RevCycle Partners Launches Two New Credentialing Services for Eyecare Practices

Seasoned optometry revenue cycle management team offers tailor-made credentialing services nationwide.

January 28, 2019

CHICAGO, IL -- RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company for eyecare practices, recently launched WeCredential, a service for optometrists who seek to outsource their credentialing tasks. WeCredential has two offerings, the first is Managed Services, which focuses exclusively on the ongoing maintenance demands of credentialing. The second, On-Demand, helps practices solve credentialing issues tied to a specific event.

“Optometrists know of the difficulty of credentialing a new provider, payer, or location,” says Paul Hartge, CEO of RevCycle Partners. “But there’s also the nagging drip of revalidations, CAQH updates, and demographic updates. The two offerings of WeCredential address both challenges.”

Credentialing is not optional for insurance reimbursement, practices either add the workload to a member of their staff or outsource it to a third-party provider like RevCycle Partners. Eyecare practices are at risk of not receiving insurance payments if credentialing deadlines are missed, mail isn’t received, or the staff that typically manages credentialing is no longer with the practice.

Bill Tener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Triangle Visions Optometry, recently engaged RevCycle Partners to manage the practice’s credentialing. “Credentialing is a competency that we’ve decided not to bring in-house,” says Tener, “We outsource all our credentialing to RevCycle Partners. We trust their dedicated team to ensure that our doctors’ credentialing stays current, eliminating the risk of unpaid claims.”

RevCycle Partners’ domain expertise in credentialing allows practices to focus their staff on more patient-facing activities. With its Managed Services offering, for a monthly, per-doctor fee, RevCycle Partners simply handles all the tedious ongoing credentialing details that can slip through the cracks. Tapping into a variety of resources, the credentialing team seeks answers to difficult questions.

“Our team has spent years cultivating relationships with the various payers.,” says Christine Schneider, co-Founder and Vice President of Operations, “which we leverage to better serve our customers. We are excited to offer WeCredential to eyecare practices so there are no surprises, dread, or headaches in having to manage credentialing.”

For its ongoing credentialing customers, RevCycle Partners provides a secure online repository for all credentialing documents and data as well as quarterly update reports. “We invested in technology to offer our customers visibility, at any time, into their credentialing status,” says Schneider. “We have workflows in place to make sure customers stay up-to-date with their credentialing.”

RevCycle Partners was originally started as a billing service of RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based software for optometrists, but in 2018, RevCycle Partners separated from RevolutionEHR and formed an independent company. Founded by Paul Hartge, former COO of RevolutionEHR, and Christine Schneider, former Director of Billing Services at RevolutionEHR, the company serves hundreds of practices across the United States with its billing and credentialing services.



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