RevCycle Partners Eligibility Verification Service Now Supports OfficeMate

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RevCycle Partners Eligibility Verification Service Now Supports OfficeMate

With the expansion to OfficeMate, WeVerify is available to more eyecare practices.

August 2023

CHICAGO, IL – WeVerify, RevCycle Partners’ eligibility and verification service, now supports OfficeMate, a leading practice management software solution for eyecare practices.

WeVerify is a service that provides practice staff an immediate picture of the benefits available for each patient at least two days before the visit for vision and medical payers. For many eyecare practices, identifying patient benefits verification before the visit is an incomplete process or perhaps a task not done at all.

“E&B verification is a pain point for many eyecare practices,” says Paul Hartge, CEO of RevCycle Partners. “We’re excited to be able to add support for OfficeMate. It’s an important milestone in our strategy to offer WeVerify to a wide range of optometric practices.

“A key aspect of WeVerify is placing verified benefits data in the most impactful areas of a practice’s PMS. By tailoring our solution to OfficeMate, we are able to accomplish that objective.”

At least two days before a patient visit, WeVerify collects the benefits data for each patient and provides detailed benefits information, visible through the PMS, such as Officemate. One significant benefit of WeVerify is the new revenue opportunities for the practice. The service identifies unused benefits for additional services and eyewear.

In addition, WeVerify enables the practice to collect upfront the correct co-pay, eliminating billing and collections’ headaches. WeVerify, ultimately, helps eyecare practices build trust with patients through benefits transparency.

WeVerify pricing is tiered, based on the number of monthly patient verifications.

RevCycle Partners supports eyecare practices with outsourced RCM services, a strategic and often cost-effective alternative to hiring staff for billing, credentialing, and eligibility and benefits verification. With its U.S.-based team, the company serves hundreds of practices across the United States on all the major software platforms with its billing, credentialing, and eligibility services. RevCycle Partners was cofounded by Hartge and Christine Schneider, Executive VP of Services in 2018.



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