E&B Verification for Optometry Practices

Clear View of You Patients’ Eligibility & Benefits

How to deepen your bench through outsourcing your RCM


What would a clear view of your patients’ eligibility and benefits do for your practice?

Find out in this three-part series:

1. How to Generate New Revenue for Your Optometry Practice

Have you ever considered outsourcing your optometry practice’s benefits and eligibility verification? Watch this video to find out how outsourcing B&E verification to WeVerify will help your practice generate new revenue opportunities.

2. Strengthen Trust with Your Optometry Patients

A trusting relationship with your patients is built on them feeling cared for. One way you can care for your patients is by making sure there are no billing surprises. Watch this video to find out how outsourcing your benefits and eligibility verification to WeVery can build trust.

3. Increase Your Billing Efficiency

What if you could shorten your accounts receivable? What if your practice’s billing was more efficient? Watch this video to find out how.

Insurance Billing for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides insurance billing for optometrists.

Ready to experience the relief that comes from fewer hiring headaches, better cash flow and receivables that are collected on time?