Credentialing Services for Optometry Practices

Meet the Credentialing Team

How to deepen your bench through outsourcing your RCM

Jon Kettner (Wisconsin)

Billing & Credentialing Services Manager

Industry Chops: 15 years in health care and 5 years with RevCycle Partners

My Partner Strength: Medicare

Job Perks: I love the challenge of the job itself, the sales side, and the people with whom I work.

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling and have been to 8 different countries. I was once able to attend a mass presented by the Pope at the Vatican.

Allison Riffle (Oregon)

Credentialing Administrative Assistant

Industry Chops: 4 years in health care and 4 years with RevCycle Partners

My Partner Strength: Customer service and working hard for our doctors

Job Perks: I enjoy talking and working closely with our doctors. I even enjoy paperwork!

Fun Fact: I love nature and rocks, so much so I am a rock hound in my spare time.

Mel Sperling (South Dakota)

Credentialing Specialist

Industry Chops: 18 years in health care and 4 years with RevCycle Partners

My Partner Strength: I’m CPOC certified and studying for my CPCS. I love doing Medicaid credentialing. I want every practice to be contracted as quickly as possible.

Job Perks: Each day is different. I work with practices in all 50 states and the industry is constantly changing, which keeps me on my toes!

Fun Fact: I’ve been married 20 years to my husband Terry, and we have a 12 year old son, Nathan. We enjoy spending time with family and friends, showing them the beautiful Black Hills.

Cathy Petersohn (North Carolina)

Credentialing Specialist

Industry Chops: 19 years in health care and 4 years with RevCycle Partners

My Partner Strength: I want to make my clients’ jobs easier. By doing my job well, I ensure that happens.

Job Perks: I love to accomplish something for the client that they have been trying to do without success. It never gets old receiving an email reply that shows just how excited they are.

Fun Fact: I’m a quilter. If I had to leave my house fast and could only grab one thing, it would be my sewing machine!

Kathy Sanford (Illinois)

Credentialing Specialist

Industry Chops: 21 years in the industry and 2.5 years with RevCycle Partners

My Partner Strength: I’m detailed and thorough when completing applications, making sure every aspect is complete.

Job Perks: The satisfaction of successfully credentialing a doctor’s account.

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching documentaries–music, mafia, true crimes.

Insurance Billing for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides insurance billing for optometrists.

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