RevCycle Partners Launches Benefits & Eligibility Verification Service

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RevCycle Partners Launches Benefits & Eligibility Verification Service

“WeVerify” provides eyecare practices a complete and instant picture of patient benefits.

September 16, 2019

CHICAGO, IL -- RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company for eyecare practices, has launched WeVerify, a comprehensive service that verifies patient benefits and drives new revenue opportunities for the practice. For many eyecare practices, patient benefits verification before the visit is an incomplete process or perhaps not done at all.

RevCycle Partners’ WeVerify service is designed to give practice staff an immediate picture of the benefits available for each patient before the visit.

“Proper upfront benefits verification is a critical foundation for the entire revenue cycle process,” says Christine Schneider, VP of Operations. “We are thrilled to be able to offer WeVerify for practices that do not have the time or resources to tackle the task themselves.”

At least two days before a patient visit, the WeVerify service collects the benefits data for each patient and provides detailed benefits information, visible through the PMS. One significant benefit of WeVerify is the new revenue opportunities for the practice. The service identifies unused benefits for additional services and eyewear. In addition, WeVerify enables the practice to collect up front the correct co-pay, eliminating billing and collections headaches. WeVerify, ultimately, helps eyecare practices build trust with patients through instant benefits transparency.

“We were excited to work with RevCycle as an early WeVerify customer,” says Dr. Norman Brandon with Brandon Eyes. “This service will be like recall: every practice will need it.”

Paul Hartge, co-founder of RevCycle Partners says, “The launch of WeVerify is a key milestone for us. Our vision for the company when we spun out of Rev360 was to offer a full suite of RCM services to the eyecare market. WeVerify is a major step in delivering that vision.”

RevCycle Partners was originally started as a billing service of RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based software for optometrists, but in 2018, RevCycle Partners separated from RevolutionEHR and formed an independent company. Today, RevCycle Partners serves hundreds of practices across the United States on all the major software platforms with its billing, credentialing, and eligibility services.

WeVerify pricing is tiered, based on the number of monthly patient verifications. For information on pricing, visit



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