Why Should You Outsource Your Insurance Billing?

Why Should You Outsource Your Insurance Billing?


Brought to you by RevCycle Partners, this webinar discusses whether you should outsource your insurance billing. A group of panelists tackles various questions that concern outsourcing. Learn more about the value of outsourcing when you’re understaffed or in transition, what specifically your eyecare practice should outsource, and how you can strategically and effectively outsource your insurance billing.

In this webinar, you will learn what outsourcing is and what parts of a practice can be outsourced (insurance billing, credentialing, E&B verification). Panelists will also share testimonials about the direct and indirect costs to outsource your insurance billing. The group of panelists will also discuss the philosophy of outsourcing in relation to a post-COVID world and the need for efficiency in insurance billing, as well as how outsourcing can positively affect the sale of a practice.


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