RevCycle Partners Spins Out of RevolutionEHR/Rev360 and Forms New Company

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RevCycle Partners Spins Out of RevolutionEHR/Rev360 and Forms New Company

The success of the software’s billing service leads executives to form an independent company.

May 15, 2018

CHICAGO, IL – RevCycle Partners, a revenue cycle management company serving eyecare practices, has formally separated from RevolutionEHR/Rev360 and become an independent company with separate ownership. In 2013, RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based software for optometrists, launched “RevCycle” as an outsourced billing service for its software customers. The meteoric rise of RevCycle’s services prompted the RevolutionEHR/Rev360 senior team to create a new company.

“The decision enabled both entities to focus on their core business,” says Paul Hartge, former COO of RevolutionEHR and now CEO of RevCycle Partners. Hartge co-founded RevCycle Partners with Christine Schneider, former Director of Billing Services at RevolutionEHR; Schneider now is Vice President of Operations at RevCycle Partners.

“We highly value our ongoing relationships with RevolutionEHR and Rev360,” says Paul Hartge. “They are one of our premier partners, and we look forward to continuing to serve RevolutionEHR customers with their RCM needs.”

In forming a new company, Hartge and Schneider sought to create continuity in service of RevolutionEHR customers while expanding their vision to become a full-service, revenue-cycle management business.

“Our decision to keep ‘RevCycle’ in our name was important,” says Schneider. “The customer experience that we created while at RevolutionEHR is the same at RevCycle Partners. We added ‘Partner’ to our name to emphasize our deep commitment to helping drive efficiency for the practices we serve. We are partners in the success of our customers.”

Later this year, RevCycle Partners plans to add credentialing services to their service mix, and in 2019, the company also has plans to provide patient eligibility services.

RevCycle Partners’ mission is to fight for what’s due for both doctors and patients, creating greater efficiency and contributing to a positive, ongoing doctor-patient relationship.



Credentialing Services for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides credentialing services for optometrists.

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