RevCycle Partners Eligibility Verification Service Now Supports Crystal PM

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RevCycle Partners Eligibility Verification Service Now Supports Crystal PM

With the expansion to Crystal PM, WeVerify is available to more eyecare practices.

August 18, 2022

CHICAGO, IL – WeVerify, RevCycle Partners’ eligibility and verification service, now supports Crystal PM, a leading practice management and EHR software provider.

WeVerify is designed to give practice staff an immediate picture of the benefits available for each patient two days before the visit for vision and medical payers. For many eyecare practices, patient benefits verification before the visit is an incomplete process or perhaps not done at all.

“Adding support for Crystal PM is an important milestone,” says Paul Hartge, CEO of RevCycle Partners, “in our strategy to offer WeVerify across a wide range of practice management software. A key aspect of WeVerify is placing verified benefits data in the most impactful areas of a practice’s PMS. By tailoring our solution to Crystal PM, we are able to accomplish that objective.”

At least two days before a patient visit, WeVerify collects the benefits data for each patient and provides detailed benefits information, visible through the PMS. One significant benefit of WeVerify is the new revenue opportunities for the practice. The service identifies unused benefits for additional services and eyewear.

In addition, WeVerify enables the practice to collect up front the correct co-pay, eliminating billing and collections headaches. WeVerify, ultimately, helps eyecare practices build trust with patients through benefits transparency.

“I think it is an amazing system for an office that does not have the staff or the training to verify the Medical Insurance,” says Heather Morris Vyhovsky, Practice Administrator of Littlefield Eye Associates. “It saves a lot of time if you bill medically. WeVerify has it done before the patient arrives.”

RevCycle Partners was originally started as a billing service of RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based software for optometrists, but in 2018, RevCycle Partners separated from RevolutionEHR and formed an independent company.

Today, RevCycle Partners is as one of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the optometric industry, serving hundreds of practices across the United States on all the major software platforms with its billing, credentialing, and eligibility services.

WeVerify pricing is tiered, based on the number of monthly patient verifications.

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