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Ready to Grow Your Optometry Practice?

A case for deepening your bench with an RCM outsourcing partner.

“Outsourcing.” It’s a word clouded in skepticism.

An owner of a growing optometry practice was a chief skeptic of outsourcing his RCM. The thought of additional costs, less control, and also concerns from previously unsuccessful outsourcing engagements made outsourcing his practice’s RCM unappealing. He also worried that the staff might feel threatened by the mention of outsourcing.

But as the practice grew from one to multiple locations, and patient load increased, insurance billing became complex. Outsourcing became a real option.

Are you on the fence also?


Follow this doctor’s journey from skeptic to believer. Specifically, his story will provide insight into the initial challenges of outsourcing, the mindset shift he made, and how he got his staff on board.


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Your Bench Just Got Deeper

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RevCycle Partners provides revenue cycle management services for hundreds of eyecare practices across the United States. Our calling is to deepen your bench – to serve your practice with our team of revenue cycle management experts.

Fast Facts: Your Bench Just Got Deeper

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The 5 Hidden Costs of an In-House Biller

If you’ve never outsourced, you probably think it’s too expensive.

But have you added up all the costs of an in-house biller?

There are 5 hidden costs to hiring an in-house biller:

  1. Extra costs for vacation time and sick days.
  2. Hiring and training expenses.
  3. Overhead costs like payroll taxes and benefits.
  4. Write-offs because your biller gave up.
  5. Lost claims due to timely filing.

Outsourcing can lower the fully loaded costs for an in-house biller by up to 25%.

Credentialing Services for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides credentialing services for optometrists.

Do you have credentialing headaches that you are ready to relieve?