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5 Hidden Costs of an In-House Biller

If you’ve never outsourced, you probably think it’s too expensive.

But have you added up all the costs of an in-house biller?

There are 5 hidden costs to hiring an in-house biller:

    1. Extra costs for vacation time and sick days.
    2. Hiring and training expenses.
    3. Overhead costs like payroll taxes and benefits.
    4. Write-offs because your biller gave up.
    5. Lost claims due to timely filing.

Outsourcing can lower the fully loaded costs for an in-house biller by up to 25%.

Watch the video to learn more.

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ODs on Outsourcing

Outsourcing all or a portion of your RCM is a big decision. You have to consider the cost, how it will affect your current staffing, and whether the outsourcing partner is a good fit.

Dr. David Anderson, COO of Optometric Management Group outsourced his practice’s insurance billing to RevCycle Partners, even though he had a biller on staff. In this testimonial, he shares why he made the decision to outsource RCM tasks to RevCycle Partners, the ease of the transition, and the benefits to his growing multi-location practice.

What’s Your Optometry Practice Management Software?

RevCycle Partners works with the optometry practice management software platforms used by the majority of U.S. practices. Click here to learn about our EHR/PMS coverage.

Credentialing Services for Optometrists

RevCycle Partners provides credentialing services for optometrists.

Do you have credentialing headaches that you are ready to relieve?