How to Successfully Bill Insurance

How to Successfully Bill Insurance


Brought to you by RevCycle Partners, and in partnership with RevolutionEHR, this webinar presents various tips on how to successfully bill insurance. The best way to successfully bill insurance is by collecting the necessary information up front. By collecting insurance information as soon as possible, you can explain to the patient which of their plans are active and what benefits they qualify for, which sets you up for a smooth billing process. And when you use RevolutionEHR, the insurance information needed is available directly from the schedule. This makes it easier to input the necessary information.

In this webinar, RevCycle Partners demos RevolutionEHR’s insurance billing service. You will learn how to complete patient information, what insurance information is needed, how to check eligibility and benefits prior to the patient’s arrival, and more. Once you gather the insurance information, you will have an easier time to successfully bill insurance without mishaps or claim denials.


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