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Coordinating Benefits for Your Eye Care Practice – 3 Easy Steps

For a better practice – and better patient care. by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Coordinating benefits is complicated. Optometrists have to deal with coordinating medical and VSP benefits. Here are a few guidelines for coordinating benefits for your eye care practice — to streamline billing, increase cash flow, and better serve patients: Know What’s Primary, What’s Secondary A …

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Billing Medicare and Medicaid

A start-to-finish process. by Christine Schneider, VP of RevCycle Partners Billing Medicare and Medicaid can be a messy process. If not handled correctly, it can affect payment and even patients—who might be billed more than expected. There are multiple pain points that begin the moment the appointment is made and end with payment collection. Here are 7 tips to simplify …

Will Outsourcing Your Billing Really Improve Your Cash Flow?

Questions to ask to determine if it will benefit your eye care practice. In “The Review of Optometric Business,” Peter J. Cass, OD claims that you could improve the cash flow of your optometry practice by outsourcing your billing. But will it really? In “

How to Make Your Eye Care Practice More Efficient

Tips to cut time spent on administrative work and insurance obstacles. Staying on top of administrative tasks and insurance billing is key to making your eye care practice more efficient. And that means you’ll likely more profitable. There are a bundle of tasks to do so your practice stays on top of the rapidly changing healthcare system. When you’re on …