advances in improving your AR

Advances in Improving Your AR

How we are changing our aging claims process to fight your insurance battles.

by Melissa Jacobson, Operations Manager of RevCycle Partners

Transparency translates to accountability. And accountability translates to better service.

That is why we are improving our aging claims procedures. Our goal, each month, is to touch every aging claim, and place them in front of you in an easily digestible format. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a spreadsheet of all aging that is 46 days and older. There is a tab for the claims that fall under our services and a separate tab for the claims that the office works.

Addition of Progress Notes

The initial spreadsheet that is sent out will not have any progress notes on it.

As we work through the claims on this spreadsheet during the month, however, progress notes will be added. About mid-month, you will receive the same spreadsheet but with progress notes. This mid-month update will give you a better understanding of our progress and will also highlight where your attention is needed (i.e., a portal has expired, a password needs to be reset, or information is missing).

At the end of the month, you will receive the spreadsheet a third time.

This month-end report will allow you to see at a glance all the work on aging claims for the month.

At the beginning of next month, clients will get a new spreadsheet that will give an updated view of claims for next month. And the process begins anew at the beginning of the next month.

We hope that this new process will aid in communication, transparency, and resolution of aging-claim problems along the way. While you have always been able to review your account and reports inside of the software, this new process holds us all accountable to our promise of fighting your insurance battles.